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Finn Fancy Necromancy, a dark and quirky contemporary fantasy novel – Forthcoming from TOR February 10, 2015.

For a full description, click here.

Or you can buy the book wherever booksellers with excellent taste offer it, including:


Barnes & Noble 





“Memories Bleed Beneath the Mask” – Golden Pen grand prize winner 2014, for Writers of the Future.  The anthology (volume 30) is available via Kobo, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


“The Beloved Changeling who was Neither” in Penumbra (September 2013 Issue)


“Needs of a Half-Dead Heart” in the anthology Roms, Bombs, and Zoms by Evil Girlfriend Media (November 2013).


“Surviving the eBookalypse” in Escape Pod


“The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!” in Every Day Fiction


“A Witch’s Heart” in Realms of Fantasy, April 2011 issue.


“A Shelter for Living Things” in the M-Brane anthology 2020 Visions, edited by Rick Novy




SFWA Blog: How to Be a Happy Writer

Penumbra Magazine: The Juggling Act (Balancing Action vs Dialogue)


FANTASY MAGAZINE: The following is a sampling of my non-fiction articles in Fantasy Magazine.


The Future of Speculative Fiction Magazines


Why We Need Scientist Heroes Again


Is It Science Fiction or Science Fantasy?


Augmented Reality: Now You Can See Like a Cyborg


Book Review: Canticle by Ken Scholes




Where Will the Vampire Trend End Up Next?


Punk’d – What is the Next Hot Trend?


Is Our Nation Safe From Terrorist Trolls?


How the World will End


Disastrous Genre Theme Parks


Fantasy Movie Music is Often Tragic not Magic


Annual Christmas/Holiday:


Scifi Christmas Classics


Holiday Gift Guide for the Fantasy Fan


Oh No, It’s Santa Movie Season Again




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