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Finn Fancy UK Cover

Finn Fancy UK Cover

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Big Idea feature on John Scalzi’s Blog “Whatever”: In which Randy has a lighthearted yet thoughtful conversation with his character Finn about the Big Idea of Finn Fancy.

My Favorite Bit feature on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog: In which Randy discusses his favorite bit about Finn Fancy Necromancy.

Fantasy Book Critic article: Finn Fancy vs Discworld: The Humor Fork in My Writing Road: In which Randy discusses writing humor in Finn Fancy.

Barnes & Noble Blog: According to Finn: Why Finn Fancy Necromancy Is No Ordinary Urban Fantasy: In which Randy and his character Finn have a humorous discussion on the question of how FFN is different from other Urban Fantasies.

Tor Newsletter: Looking at the World Finn Fancy Style: In which the character Finn takes Randy on a quick tour and discussion of the real (and magical) locations of Port Townsend and Fort Worden where Finn Fancy Necromancy is set.


NPR (Review by Jason Heller):

“… it’s an urban fantasy, one that takes place in and around present-day Seattle. But even though it deals with sinister magic and family tragedy, it counterbalances that darkness with something that’s become increasingly rare in fantasy fiction: laughs, laughs, and more laughs.”

“At one point, a comically exasperated Dawn tells Finn and his magic-geek brothers, “You guys are taking this fantasy s*** way too seriously.” Intentionally or not, that line might as well be Henderson’s proclamation … It’s okay to lighten up every once in a while, especially when the results are as rollicking and charming as Finn Fancy Necromancy.”


GEEK NATIVE (Review by Andrew Girdwood):

“The momentum of the plot and Henderson’s writing style helps the pages turn. You won’t really hit a slow patch. You’ll just encounter another intriguing magical piece to the puzzle.”



“Finn Fancy Necromancy by Randy Henderson  is like “Harry Potter” for adults. It’s witty, funny, and full of surprises.  Without giving away any spoilers, I found the ending to be extremely surprising–in a good way. The twist on the very last page had me shouting “No way!””


SEATTLE TIMES (Review by Nisi Shawl):

“Both author Henderson’s clever yet unassuming voice and the shenanigans of his bumbling, half-grown protagonist … are certifiably humorous.”


WALL STREET JOURNAL (Recommendations by Tom Shippey)

“Randy Henderson’s “Finn Fancy Necromancy” is a magic-politics story too, but set in present-day Washington state and much more of a romp.”



“The quick turns of the mystery plot make this a speedy and enjoyable read, and Finn’s world is a lively one, packed with all manner of weird and wonderful ghosts and goblins.”


MYSTERIOUS GALAXY Fantastic Firsts (Review by Patrick Heffernan):

Take a Harry Potter-like sub rosa magic world, sprinkle in a bunch of Harry Dresden, a pinch of Sandman Slim … and then add a dash of Ready Player One.



“Highly recommended for when you need something quick and funny to clean all of those 900-page fantasy tomes out of your system.”


SHELF-AWARENESS (Review by Rob LeFebvre):

“Finn Fancy Necromancy is Randy Henderson’s first novel, and it’s filled with seemingly effortless world-building and solid plotting, plus a fun murder mystery thrown in for good measure.  A delightfully fun fantasy full of magic, wit, colorfully drawn characters and a ton of 1980s pop-culture references.”



“It is filled with whimsical and sarcastic humor, centers around a mystery supported by a good deal of action and magic, and throws in a number of 80’s references into the mix for good measure.  This is not a serious fantasy such as Game of Thrones, but it is not trying to be. Instead this is a humorous romp of magic and mayhem, similar to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series that will be sure to entertain and put a smile on your face while you read.”


POP KERNAL (Review by Chuck Francisco):

“The buddy cop interplay between Finn and former enforcer Zeke (who blames Finn for his own botched return from exile) is charming and engaging, especially because Zeke behaves like a certain fool pity’in 80’s mercenary. The world built around five classes of magic users, and the mundies who don’t know about them, is intricate enough to draw readers in while retaining an air of mystery which could be expanded upon in future books. There’s certainly plenty of untapped potential here to explore.”


READ RANT REVIEW (Review by Holi):

“This book was quite different from other Urban Fantasy books I’ve read and it was nice to read something so completely unique. The characters were diverse and it was just really entertaining to read about Finn’s quest to find out why he’s being targeted. I loved Randy Henderson’s writing style, I was never bored and I wanted to keep reading and see where he’d take the story.”



“This book has one of the strangest beginnings I’ve ever read, even in a fantasy novel.  It gets weirder as it goes along, but in a good way. I got thoroughly drawn into this story and really enjoyed the stretches of imagination involved.  At times it straddles the line between YA and Fantasy written for adults.”


DARK READERS (Reviewed by Stephen):

“… it was the perfect journey book, swept me in, kept me going and had me suitably entertained.”


PODCAST Review: UBookstore’s Breakfast at the Bookstore:

Librarian and former bookseller Misha Stone recommends Finn Fancy at 27:17.


Book Blurb from Kat Richardson, bestselling author of the Greywalker series:

“Absolutely marvelous. A funny, quirky, and compelling tale full of fantastic twists and dire conspiracies, featuring a charmingly awkward hero you’ll root for every step of the way. Henderson’s voice is unique and delightful and this is, hands down, the best fantasy debut novel of the year.”


Book Blurb from Ken Scholes, author of the internationally acclaimed Psalms of Isaak series:

“Mix one cup humor, two cups homage to the 80s, and three cups imagination run wild and you get Randy Henderson’s debut novel, Finn Fancy Necromancy…. Any lover of fun, funny fantasy is going to love Henderson’s first shuffle onto the storyteller’s stage…and demand an immediate encore.”



Clarkesworld Interview: “Music, Magic, and Memory: A Conversation with Randy Henderson and Silvia Morena-Garcia by Jason Heller”

Suvudu Interview by Shawn Speakman: “Randy Henderson Is Finn Fancy”

Qwillery Interview: Interview with the Qwillery book blog staff.

Conversation between Writers: Minerva Zimmerman’s Blog: Minerva’s unique take on interviews: recording an informal real-time conversation between writers about whatever comes up.


Finn Fancy Tor Cover

Finn Fancy Tor Cover




  1. Dear Randy,

    I met you at Sasquan and you gave me a copy of your book after your reading on Saturday. I love it, posted a review on Amazon, and have recommended it to a number of friends. My favorite response came from my 70-year-old writing partner, who hasn’t read fantasy since C.S. Lewis and has never read an urban fantasy in her life. She loves it, “I haven’t figured out why I like it so much. Is it his humor? It’s a real page-turner.”

    Love your work; keep it up!

  2. Question: Has your print run been large enough to be eligible for a John W. Campbell Award nomination for 2016? If so, please submit your name to the list of eligible authors. I’d like to nominate you.


  3. Apanakhi – Apologies for not replying sooner. I don’t know the print run numbers, but as it was released in Hardback by Tor/Macmillan, and is being subsequently released in Trade in January, I assume it is a respectably average number for a first time author from a major publisher. I am incredibly flattered you’d nominate me for an award. Thanks!

  4. Wow, thanks! So glad you enjoyed it! That makes my day. Heck, it makes my month to hear things like that 🙂

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