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My Norwescon Schedule 2015

Hey all!  I’ll be at Norwescon this weekend, hope to see you there!

Here’s my scheduled events (not including individual workshops):


Cascade 1
Saturday 1:30pm–2:00pm

“Finn Fancy” Fun Time with Randy – Randy will read a bit from his new novel from TOR, titled FINN FANCY NECROMANCY, do a little dance (Q&A), make a little love (PRIZES!), and get down tonight (TREATS!). Finn Fancy is a dark and quirky contemporary fantasy set in Port Townsend, with sasquatch mercenaries, mobster gnomes, and more. Randy might also read something new, demonstrate miraculous powers, or at least juggle. It’s not just a reading, it’s Finn Fancy Fantastic Fun Time!. Rated PG


Panel: Character Arc, Plot Arc, Story

Evergreen 1&2
Saturday 5:00PM-6:00PM

Knowing how your plot and characters change as the tale moves forward helps a writer to craft more powerful stories. What makes a great character arc, and how can you make your character’s internal change more compelling? What makes a great plot arc and how can you intertwine it with your character?

Nina Post (M), Randy Henderson, Craig English, Nancy Kress, Alex C. Renwick, Susan DeFreitas


Totally Awesome Reading and Prizes at Norwescon Friday April 6 at 5pm

Please come check out my reading at Norwescon on
Friday, April 6th at 5pm (Cascade 1 room).


The Goonies look on in amazement as Randy reads from his novel

I will be reading from my current novel project, a humorous urban fantasy currently titled “The Family Wizness” — it’s like Dresden Files meets Arrested Development.  It is amazingly twice as awesome as it sounds, and at half the calories!


Pee Wee DollBecause my novel includes a number of 80’s references and jokes, I will also be giving away a bunch of little prizes, bits of genuine, made in the 80’s nostalgia and cheesiness.  I’m really happy with the  items I managed to find and it will be hard for me to let this stuff go.  So I hope you come and join the fun.




My Norwescon Weekend

This is a bit delayed as I’ve been non-stop busy since Norwescon, but here’s my post-con wrap up, and some photos of costumed geekery at its finest.


Had my first reading.  Went well I think.  I didn’t forget to contain the incredible but chaotic powers that burn inside me and thus burst into multi-colored flames that consumed the entire convention.  So, you know, that was good.  A big thanks to everyone who showed up, especially the lovely artist Shelly Henderson who is not a big convention fan.

Kris Millering gave a nice reading of The Isthmus Variation (forthcoming in Beneath Ceaseless Skies).

At the bar, Shel and I sat next to a travelling whole-foods salesman from Alaska who was quite drunk and bought us drinks.  He lives in the northernmost town in Alaska, and one of his popular products is seal oil, as in oil from seals, which apparently tastes like bad fish and Alaskan natives put on lots of food as a condiment —  including things you wouldn’t think would taste great with seal oil, like berries.   He gave a beautiful description of the northern lights as well, comparing them to a symphony in the sky that you hear though it doesn’t make a sound.

And lastly I was on a zombie panel with Jack SkillingsteadDaryl Gregory, and Anthony VanWinkle.   Unfortunately, the con folks scheduled a zombie walk at the same time as our zombie panel, so the room wasn’t exactly packed (more like, “chips may settle in bag” kind of full).  And the moderator was unable to make it, so I arrived to find myself moderator.  But I had a good time nonetheless.  Shelly asked a lot of great questions, I think just to show off how smart she is.

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