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Why I Talked to Word Sluts at WorldCon

I found myself in a number of conversations at WorldCon where persons were seeking my advice or thoughts on their writing, or seeking advice of a group in which I sat, and would say some variation on:

“People seem to have a problem with me calling it Warrior Wanda the Space Slut.  But I mean slut in a positive or ironic way, because she is a powerful woman so she can have sex with whoever she likes.”


“I have a pretty graphic rape scene in my novel, but if I didn’t have it she wouldn’t have that motivation to get stronger from it and learn to fight that is so important in my story.”

These persons were clearly seeking someone to say, yes, that is okay.

And I engaged in these conversations in a calm, friendly, positive way.


Because I have the privilege to do so.

By this, I do not mean the honor, though really it is an honor to be asked my opinion on anything.  Rather, I mean that had such questions been asked of someone who identifies as female, for example, such questions would have been understandably offensive and anger-inducing, and made the person feel unsafe, along with a host of other reactions.

I’m not saying I found the questions pleasant and encouraging, but I recognize that my con experience as a cis white male who presents as het is entirely different from that of anyone who is other than that.

So while I cringed internally, I did not walk away, or mock these persons then, or later with my friends.   I gave them a clear but disgust-free expression of “Oooooo, I wouldn’t do that,” and proceeded to lay out in positive terms how they could improve their stories, and their chances of reaching a broader audience.

Here is an example of the types of thing I try to say in these cases, with the goal not being to score points or put him in his place, but to help guide the writer in the right direction where they will hopefully learn for themselves in time what cannot be forced into their understanding in a single argument (And to be clear, I am not in any way saying there are not other approaches, or that outright anger is in any way not a valid response for others to have):

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Talking to the Dead

Talking to the DeadMy nonfiction article about real world necromancy, Talking to the Dead, is up at Fantasy Magazine. It was the first time they assigned me a topic (to align with the week’s excellent fiction) rather than me just writing whatever popped into my head, but it was fun to research nonetheless.

Fantasy Magazine recently changed editorial staff and approach to align more with their sister magazine Lightspeed. Among the changes is that they assign non-fiction pieces to specific writers (rather than writers proposing and submitting items) and, I am happy to say, even offer a bit o’ pay.
I am, however, always understanding of those magazines who do not pay, especially the younger ones. The publishing business is not a highly profitable or stable one in the best of times, and I always considered my nonfiction contributions more of a show of support for the market than a reason for the market to support me. Which is not to say I don’t think nonfiction writers deserve to be paid for their time and effort as much as anyone. Writers, like publishers, are often broke and unstable. Especially unstable 😉

Click Here to read the article.


Genre-Related Theme Park Disasters

My piece on genre-related theme park

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