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Wonder Woman: Inspiration and Pain and Moving Forward

Wonder Woman. So many reactions to this movie.  And for me, the movie itself has not only inspired the Feels, but the reactions to the movie have as well, good and bad.

Wonder Woman


Most reactions that I see are inspiring and wonderful, such as this list of reactions from students in a Kindergarten class, or this awesome video of a woman inspired to play like Wonder Woman and kicking imaginary butt.  The garden hose bit gives me endless joy.

I see all of the people uplifted and inspired by this movie and it makes my heart sing.

There have also been negative reactions too.  Some, as one would expect, from men who just don’t get it (or feel somehow threatened in their worldview).  But also criticisms from women who felt the movie misstepped with hurtful exclusions or stereotyping, or was too narrow in its feminism.

I posted before about how I wished we could have more “Yes, And” rather than “Yes, But.”
I see “Yes, and” in the reactions to the Wonder Woman movie like the Bazaar piece, and I find that as inspiring as the movie itself.  Because how we talk about issues even in a Wonder Woman movie has implications and impacts that go way beyond this one movie.

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Those Other Christmas Movies

I love the Christmas season.  But there are only so many good holiday movies.  And then you start to get into the less good holiday movies.  If you don’t ration properly, you may be watching Earnest Saves Christmas before you know it.

I also am a sucker for romance.  Anyone whose read my stories probably picked up on that.

Which brings us to that special class of movie: the Hallmark/ ABC Made for TV Holiday Romance.  These have, I’ll admit, become my guilty pleasure over the holidays.  And here’s my breakdown of the ones most commonly available.


Holiday in Handcuffs

Despite the lack of BDSM play, it still had a better story than 50 Shades.

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How to Become a Novelist (part 2): Publish a Novel

You’ve written a novel?  CONGRATULATIONS!  So … now what?  Did you make it as gooder as you can get it?  Well then, it’s time to consider sharing it with the world!

But which path should you take to fame and riches?  Let’s start with another fun flow diagram, then I’ll get into the nitty-gritty details.  I think I’ve practically compiled a small book here, so, enjoy!

Publishing Options





How Do Traditional Publishers Pay Me?

I Want a Six Figure Advance!

You’ve Gotta Fight for your Rights to Party

How Many Books Do I Have to Sell to be “Successful” Traditional Style?

How Do Used Books and Libraries Affect Me?

What about File Sharing?

What’s a “Big 5” vs Small /Indie Press vs Vanity /Subsidy Press?

The Traditional Publishing Process



Some Food for Thought Before We Proceed

But Wait, There’s More:

How Does Self-Publishing Pay Me?

How Many Books do I Have to Sell if Self-Published?

The Self-Publishing Process




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How to Become a Novelist (Part 1): Write a Novel

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting some info on how to become a novelist.  Here’s the first, an infodumpographic and general Q&A on the first step — write a novel.

Why?  Well, careful scientific studies have revealed that the number one reason for not having a novel published is, in fact, not finishing a novel.  A lot of writers struggle to get past this step, but I hope this information helps.


How big is this mountain I must climb? (How long is a novel?)

Are we there yet? (How long does it take to write a novel?)

How many millions will I make from my books and movie deals?

Seems easy enough, you just … Oooo, cat videos!

Don’t Stop Believin

Is a novel like a long short story?

I finished! Now what?

Writing a Novel


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Finn Fancy Book Tour Wrap Up

Here finally is a wrap up of my book tour experience for Finn Fancy Necromancy — the good, the awesome, and some lessons learned — not only to say thank you to everyone who helped or attended, but also to maybe help those who are trying to plan their own book tour.  This is way overdue, I know.  And I’ll do a separate post about promotion in general.

Randy at Gatsby Books

Randy at Gatsby Books, LA

I figured I’d talk about how I set up the tour, how I promoted it, then share some pics, and a list of the bookstores.

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My Reddit Fantasy “Ask Me Anything”

I have an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit’s /r/Fantasy forum!

Reddit Fantasy


My Norwescon Schedule 2015

Hey all!  I’ll be at Norwescon this weekend, hope to see you there!

Here’s my scheduled events (not including individual workshops):


Cascade 1
Saturday 1:30pm–2:00pm

“Finn Fancy” Fun Time with Randy – Randy will read a bit from his new novel from TOR, titled FINN FANCY NECROMANCY, do a little dance (Q&A), make a little love (PRIZES!), and get down tonight (TREATS!). Finn Fancy is a dark and quirky contemporary fantasy set in Port Townsend, with sasquatch mercenaries, mobster gnomes, and more. Randy might also read something new, demonstrate miraculous powers, or at least juggle. It’s not just a reading, it’s Finn Fancy Fantastic Fun Time!. Rated PG


Panel: Character Arc, Plot Arc, Story

Evergreen 1&2
Saturday 5:00PM-6:00PM

Knowing how your plot and characters change as the tale moves forward helps a writer to craft more powerful stories. What makes a great character arc, and how can you make your character’s internal change more compelling? What makes a great plot arc and how can you intertwine it with your character?

Nina Post (M), Randy Henderson, Craig English, Nancy Kress, Alex C. Renwick, Susan DeFreitas


Ask Me Anything – Clarion West Google Hangout Style

On July 20th, Clarion West is holding an “Ask Me Anything” online streaming hangout with me, followed by a round robin reading by other authors:

Although only 10 persons can actually actively participate in the hangout, anyone can watch it being streamed. I’ll be taking questions, and you can send them ahead of time to: with the subject line “Questions for Randy Henderson”. Ask me anything about writing, writers of the future, my forthcoming novel or my experience (to date) with getting it published, or anything really. I can answer any question (even if I don’t know the answer).


On 18 Year Old Writers Getting Six Figure Deals for Vampire Fiction

So it was recently announced that Abigail Gibbs, an 18 year old, has received a six-figure deal for her Vampire romance series Dark Heroine.

Ugh. News like this can certainly be frustrating and demotivating to emerging and even established authors who have worked long and hard on their craft to little or modest success. And between this and 50 Shades, I expect to see a ton of

panels, blog posts, and discussions about whether fan fiction and online serial publishing is the new path to success. However, while there are these anecdotal success stories, I think that working on being a good writer and creating a well-crafted story are still the best way to go. I can’t imagine a young woman will be saving 50 Shades or Dark Heroine on their bookshelf until they are a mother and handing it down to their daughters, or going back and reading that well-worn paperback each year with the feeling of visiting an old friend. And for every one success story like this, there are hundreds of thousands of folks who get nothing but a couple of “ZOMG! kewl storey!” comments. So please, don’t aspire to write the next Dark Heroine. Aspire to be the next Le Guin, Butler, or even Anne Rice. I mean, I enjoy a light read as much as the next person, but I don’t aspire to, or chase after, the lukewarm leftovers of crappy snackfood novels past. And really, I doubt that agents and editors will now be scouring fan sites and online forums for their next big success. They are already overwhelmed sifting through the submissions of authors who have proven themselves serious by submitting a well thought out and correctly formatted query or manuscript. Which is not to say that online serial publishing and other online methods don’t offer the chance to grow as a writer through reader feedback (including the feedback of nobody wanting to read your stuff). But in quality of output, odds of meaningful success, and for the respect of your peers, I think the more traditional paths of the serious writer still win out.


My Birthday Story (2012 Version)

On this day, mine father, who was sent to earth from

Me and my little bro
Wow. I had a pocket protector BUILT IN to the shirt. I didn’t have a chance.

his dying planet, did give virgin birth to a lotus flower, which did spring fully formed from his head, and out of which grew the Tree of Life, which was burned to ash, and that ash mixed with the blood of the Titans, and given the breath of life, and then dipped into the waters of Styx by mine mother, and then didst the wizard burn the sigil of Life upon my chest, and thus was I born.  That’s my story, which though it grows by a sentence from year to year, I am sticking to it.