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About Randy Henderson:

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Randy Henderson

Randy Henderson is the author of the darkly humorous contemporary fantasy novels FINN FANCY NECROMANCY, and BIGFOOTLOOSE AND FINN FANCY FREE, from Tor/MacMillan. He is the Golden Pen Grand Prize winner of Writers of the Future for 2014, and his short fiction has appeared in numerous professional publications. Randy graduated from the Clarion West writing workshop in 2009.

Randy has experience as a reader, lecturer and panel participant on the subject of writing at events such as Cascade Writers Workshop, Norwescon, WorldCon, World Fantasy Convention, and Rainforest Writers Retreat.




About Shmorgh:

Shmorgh Picture

“Randy’s pitiful attemptering to capture the glory that are I, Shmorgh.”

Shmorgh is an alien that crashed on Earth and now threatens to eat the entire human race.  The only thing that keeps humanity safe is this blog, which for some reason keeps Shmorgh mightily amused and distracted from its hunger for human flesh.  Alas and however, this does not keep it from being a complete jerk.



  1. Emily says:

    So how did Shmorgh feel about you winning the Golden Pen Award? Did you see a happy, happy alien? 🙂

  2. It made him even grumpier, actually, because there was so much shiny stuff he didn’t get to eat, and because, frankly, he’s a complete attention hog who feels anyone else’s success somehow lessens his. Sad, but there it is.

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