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Do you really want to be an author?

Writing is sacrifice, Highness.  Anyone who says differently is selling something.

And no, I don’t just mean sacrificing the odd goat to the Goddess of Inspiration (though if you do, also be prepared to sacrifice hours getting those stains out. Lesson learned!)

Nor do I just mean spending a little less time on gaming or Netflix bingeing, though that may also be required.

True, every writer’s writing method and path to publication differs.  And every writer’s life circumstance is different.  But even if you are blessed to have retired, or be independently wealthy, or have someone supporting you financially, there are still sacrifices to be made.

And sometimes, these sacrifices are ones we don’t like to admit or talk about.

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Robin Hood Policies

This is a complex issue. I understand the conservative view that this is “poor people getting free money/handouts taken from others.”
But simple fact: Society is a pyramid, and always will be (even in the Federation of Planets).
Bow Before the Dollar Pyramid!

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