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Finn Fancy Duran Durancy

I am pleased and excited to announce that FINN FANCY NECROMANCY will also be published in the UK!!! By Titan! I will, of course, need to brush up on my UnitedKingdomish so that I can read the translation, but I am pretty dang chuffed! And I think their cover is awesome, a perfect balance to Tor’s.

Titan's UK Cover for Finn Fancy Necromancy

Audio Book Brilliance! (And Star Trek)

One more thing to be thankful for – Finn Fancy Necromancy will be recorded by Brilliance Audio. And the voice actor? Todd Haberkorn, who has done voices on Legend of Korra, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Dragon Ball Z, and a bunch of other awesome stuff, as well as plays Spock in the amazingly cool TOS fan webseries, Star Trek Continues.

Star Trek Continues