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Kitsap Herald Interview

I was interviewed for the North Kitsap Herald about winning the Writers of the Future, my novel, and general writing advice.



What’s My American Culture and Traditions?

Today is St. Patrick’s day.  I have Irish ancestry (as well as French and German), but my cultural upbringing has been Working Class White American* Consumer.  So what does that mean for me today?

First, let me offer you this list of Irish authors to read:

Now let me wax contemplative:

Given that I have not participated in or promoted Irish politics, culture or progress, I have not learned Gaelic or Irish step dancing or Irish cooking or anything else decidedly Irish, I’d feel like a bit of a fraud “celebrating” my Irish ancestry today. Yet, it makes me wonder, as holidays frequently do, what are MY cultural traditions and heritage as an American?

Traditions are meant to give us a sense of belonging, of kinship, of continuity in a constantly changing world. They give us something to look forward to, and shining moments to remember.

But in America, land of independence, of life in the fast lane and disposable instant trends, where our home-grown holidays are just a chance to have a day off and usually to party, what traditions long survive the American nuclear family as it grows and splits into individual units?  What are the deeper cultural values and traditions we share?  

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Creating Vivid Characters Podcast

Adventures in Scifi Publishing captured and posted a podcast of the panel at Chicago Worldcon 2012.

Vivid Character Building
How do you create vivid characters who pop off the page? How do you avoid archetypes/stereotypes and predictability? Join a panel of writers discussing their techniques and tricks and ask questions of your own.
Carol BergTeresa Frohock, Randy Henderson, Kay KenyonBryan Thomas Schmidt

Listening to it, you can tell I was running on caffeine and more caffeine by this point in the con, but all the panelists were great, and there’s some useful tips and info on creating characters.