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My White Male Writer Manifesto

I could bemoan the injustice of the Trayvon Martin case, but just as easy as it is to blast off a post or tweet saying “I am ashamed of the US legal system” or snark on how easy it is NOT to shoot someone, it is equally as easy for everyone to ignore or quickly forget that — and anyone who doesn’t already agree with it anyway certainly won’t be changed.


But here’s what I as a white male can do to work towards a future where all people are treated equally, and truly have equal protection, opportunity, and access to power.

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My Neil Gaiman Chat

Spoke to Neil Gaiman at the party last night, and since I knew that there were plenty of folks who would love the chance to do so, I felt a responsibility to ask him a very important question that I’m sure most of his fans would like answered. So:
Me: “Since the 80’s sound is popular right now, do you think Duran Duran has a good chance for another comeback?”
Neil: “I hope so. I still own the rights to that book, so if they did, I’d have a chance at real success.”
There you go. You’re welcome.
Also, it was awesome to see many online writer friends in person, and of course to hang with all my Clarion West family old and new.


Occupy Writing: Art Book Covers

Art Book Cover with Story

I’m starting Occupy Writing.
First Item: Novels have art on the cover. Why don’t art books have flash fiction on the cover?! UNFAIR!

I’m talking a nice, white cover with black print, featuring an original short story intended to sum up the entirety of the artwork within, yet oddly is always titled something like “Sexy Tattooed Woman with a Weapon Battles Dragon” or similar?


Let’s make this happen folks!


My Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2013 Pitch

I am participating in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon. You must give them your spare change by clicking Donate on my page. Here is why:
1) I have a Procrastination Ray and I’m not afraid to point it at George RR Martin if my demands are not met.
pee-wee doll2) I will send a picture of me shirtless kissing a creepy (and oddly stained) Pee Wee Herman doll to my highest bidder. This is not because I think I’m all that. It is because such blackmail material will only increase in value over time as I achieve fame and fortune, making this a wiser economic investment than stocks or real estate.
3) For my second-highest bidder, I will name an annoying little dog character after anyone you wish.

4) Oh yeah, and it helps to fund one of the best dang writing workshops out there. Your money will help to launch the careers of future fantasy, scifi and horror writers so that you are not stuck choosing between warmed over Twilight fan fiction or historical figures battling Disney-fied monsters.