Totally Awesome Reading and Prizes at Norwescon Friday April 6 at 5pm

Please come check out my reading at Norwescon on
Friday, April 6th at 5pm (Cascade 1 room).


The Goonies look on in amazement as Randy reads from his novel

I will be reading from my current novel project, a humorous urban fantasy currently titled “The Family Wizness” — it’s like Dresden Files meets Arrested Development.  It is amazingly twice as awesome as it sounds, and at half the calories!


Pee Wee DollBecause my novel includes a number of 80’s references and jokes, I will also be giving away a bunch of little prizes, bits of genuine, made in the 80’s nostalgia and cheesiness.  I’m really happy with the  items I managed to find and it will be hard for me to let this stuff go.  So I hope you come and join the fun.




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