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Guerrilla Promoter Guy Strikes Again

I continue my quest to make good spec fic books and spec fic magazines easier to find, despite bookstore tendencies to do otherwise.

This time, I targeted Saladin Ahmed’s “Throne of the Crescent Moon.”

While not as difficult to find as some books, it still takes only a minute to make it stand out even more.

First, I found a few copies on a table far from the Fantasy section.  I made them easier to see in passing:

Hiding in the corner

Ah, Much Better.

Next, I found something lacking on the Scifi/Fantasy New Releases shelf, even though the in store locator system said it should be here:

No Ahmed in the As, but two stacks of Cards?

So I remedied that:

So Much Easier to Buy When It Is On the Shelf

Finally, I went ahead and searched for his book on every search screen I passed, so that anyone who came along behind me would first see his book (at least until the screen timed out).

I Need to Find a Good Book and ... Huh, What's This?


Again, all of this took only a minute or two as I passed these spots anyway, but sometimes that makes a difference between a good book being missed, and being bought.

And speaking of buying, you can buy Ahmed’s book here.