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Less Interesting Books

Per the “lessinterestingbooks” meme, here’s my contribution:

The Dresden Tax Files.

The Slightly Peckish Games.

Anansi Boys Band.

Cattlefield Earth.

Ender’s Game of Candyland.

‎20,000 Leeks Under the Sea. Or 0.20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Memory, Sorrow, Myspace: Poem of Farewell.

Jonathon Strange & Mister Norrell’s Long Distance Calling Plan.

Journey to the Surface of the Earth.

The Name of the Wind is Blaine.

Holocene Park.

Contact Paper.

The Forever Peaceful Co-existence.

Rendezvous with Top Ramen.


The Bourne Dream He Had Last Night But Can’t Really Remember But Will Tell You Anyway.

I, Roomba.



Let it Be Known, Clarion West Write-a-thon Approacheth

Clarion West Write-a-ThonStarting in late June, I will be channeling reality-altering energies in an attempt to discombobulate speculativentropic forces. There may be casualties, scandals, men weeping, women dancing, and spontaneous generation of new life that realizes its true purpose just before being turned into a new flavor of pudding. Won’t you sponsor the chaos?

All proceeds go to incubation pods for future speculative fiction writers (or financial assistance for Clarion West, I can never remember which):


The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!

My epic flash fiction tale about Framdar “The Slayer” Deathkiller, which I read as an example of writing so bad it is funny for the Norwescon panel “Bad Writing, No Cookie”, is now up at Every Day Fiction:


Thor – Better than a Hammer to the Head

Doctor Horrible vs Thor
First, let me just say I wish I had the time and skill to video mash-up Doctor Horrible talking about The Hammer with scenes from Thor. But I made you this picture instead.

Thor was simple action movie fun.
I had hoped for more substance, with Kenneth Branagh directing and the gravitas and richness of the Norse mythology (never mind what Marvel did with it), but since I wasn’t counting on it I wasn’t terribly disappointed.

The one thing I did not like about the movie however was the “love” story. The real emotional drama was between Thor, Loki, and Odin (and could have been more so with Sif), and with Thor’s emotional growth and transformation. The tacked-on love story was unnecessary, and not believable. I hate when characters in a movie supposedly fall completely and truly in love with each other after a couple of brief conversations that are about as deep and meaningful as interactions with an ATM machine.

I am not against the concept of love at first sight, and certainly Branagh has worked with such concepts before given how often it happens in Shakespeare, but short of an excuse to make Thor’s decision near the end of the film have some kind of supposed emotional weight, it was not really required for the plot to work, and weakened the story as far as I was concerned. And it made the ending just sort of fizzle out on a lame note. Not saying it couldn’t have worked, and made the ending more powerful, but I get the feeling they cut out some of the development of that relationship to make room for more sweeping special effects.

Which, by the way, were way cool. I’ve been to Asgard, and they did a remarkably decent job of rendering it.


Conan vs Kull (and not in a good way)

I know Robert E. Howard wrote both Kull and Conan, and the Kull movie took a lot from a Conan story, but does the new Conan movie really have to look like Kull the Conqueror II?  The first Arnie Conan was awesome and launched a wave of fantasy films (including, admittedly, a cheesy Conan sequel). But I have a sinking feeling this time they are skipping the awesome and going right to the cheese faster than a mouse who just quit modeling. And worse, it also reminded me of Uwe Boll’s “In the Name of the King.”

Crom, hear me, please let me be wrong.