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My Humble Beginnings

On this day, mine father, who was sent to earth from

Me and my little bro

Wow. I had a pocket protector BUILT IN to the shirt. I didn't have a chance.

his dying planet, did give virgin birth to a lotus flower, which did spring fully formed from his head, and out of which grew the Tree of Life, which was burned to ash, and that ash mixed with the blood of the Titans, and given the breath of life, and then dipped into the waters of Styx by mine mother, and thus was I born.  That’s still my story, and I’m sticking to it.


Post-Norwescon and a Flash Story Sale!

Randy and a Twi'lekThanks to friends old and new for a great weekend.  From “I love your amino acids” to a friend’s unforgettable body shot from the ample bosom of a vampire, from informative panels and enjoyable mixers to watching a Star Trek officer shake their bootay with a dark elf on the dance floor, it was entertaining on many levels.


My panels went great.  In addition to the Bad Writing and Crowns & Swords panels, I was added to a panel on Writer’s Block as well.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  We laughed, we cried, and hopefully the audience got their money’s worth.


In fact, my example of “writing so horrible it’s funny” that I whipped up for the Bad Writing, No Cookie panel was snatched up for publication by Every Day Fiction!  So while I said I would post Framdar’s thrilling adventure on my blog, that will have to wait until after it is published (likely in about a month).


See you all next year (if not sooner)!



Randy’s Norwescon Schedule

As of now I only have panels on Sunday (and am giving a critique on Friday), leaving me free to attend all my friends’ panels and readings and parties the rest of the weekend, which is kind of nice.

My Panels (drop on by):

Bad Writing, No Cookie

Sunday 11am           Cascade 5&6

What makes a piece of writing… bad? What makes it so bad it’s funny? (Think “Eye of Argon.”) What sort of stuff should you avoid in order to prevent your prose (inadvertently) becoming the next winner of the Bulwer-Lytton award? Can you write badly on purpose…and should you?

Cat Rambo, Alma Alexander, Caren Gussoff, Jordan Lapp, Randy Henderson


Crowns & Swords

Sunday 3pm Cascade 4

Countless novels have been set in the intertwined worlds of monarchy and fantasy, often involving epic battles.  Given that many fantasy novels are set in worlds drawn from medieval Europe, it’s no surprise to see so many stories based around monarchies – kings and queens, tyrannical emperors, and long-lost heirs to the throne. How much of fantasy’s appeal is grounded in this familiar setting, and how can this long-standing tradition be updated or refreshed; or should it be abandoned entirely?

Kris Millering, Randy Henderson, Kim Ritchie, Kevin Radthorne



Where’s My Launchpad?

Where’s Launchpad for the fantasy writer? Launchpad is where NASA gives scifi writers a free astronomy workshop. I want the government’s covert agency for the exploration and use of magic (oh come on, like we don’t know you exist) to have free workshops too, dammit.



Realms of Fantasy April Issue Now Available

Realms of Fantasy April CoverThe April 2011 issue of Realms of Fantasy is now available for PDF purchase and download if you like your magazines digital.  It includes my story “A Witch’s Heart.”