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Old School Book Order Form Nostalgia

Book Club Order Form

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Nostalgia! Old school scholastic book order forms. Dune! Michael! Lloyd Alexander! And what ever happened to books with snippets of programming code in them that you could use to build actual computer games or challenges that characters in the book had to overcome? I remember those BASIC books, they were cool. Where’s the javascript books for today’s youth? (Link yoinked from Saladin Ahmed.)


Breaking News! GOP Says Obama Wrong on Breathing

Breaking News: GOP criticizes Obama for breathing in before breathing out. House Speaker Boehner said, “We believe in breathing out first, giving our breath to the American people who deserve it, while this President is working first and foremost to take your air away. This is another example of Big Government out of control.”


Adventures in Writing: Episode 1

I made a little superhero movie about writing. More to follow. Enjoy 🙂

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