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Liberal vs. Conservative: Intelligence and Morality and Political Compromise

I was following a rabbit hole of links in Psychology Today, and thought I’d share three of them that I see as somewhat interrelated, as well as some of my own thoughts on the whole liberal vs conservative culture war.

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Foodie Unicorn Goodness

I always see people posting what they’re eating, so I’ll do the same: Raisin Bran. Huh. That didn’t seem very interesting. So, um, I’m actually eating grilled unicorn strips drizzled in a sweet chipotle raspberry sauce, served on a bed of finely crushed dreams and garnered with lightly toasted fairy wings. I forgot to take a picture, but you can order the unicorn meat here.

And in other news:


Magical Money

My first thought when I saw the back of the new penny was “Cool! This could be made into a shield charm!” And then I acted out deflecting spells, complete with “Piew! Piew!” sound effects.

Why, yes, I am a fantasy fiction writer.  Why do you ask?


Northern Cities Prosper Under Global Warming

Yay for Seattle.  We should do okay as global warming opens up northern resources and trade routes, even if Pioneer Square will probably be underwater.  In other news, we will require anyone fleeing Arizona’s desertification or Florida’s swampy plagues to present papers upon demand.  Go back south where you belong and stop drinking our cool refreshing water!


Genre-Related Theme Park Disasters

My piece on genre-related theme park

disasters is up at Fantasy Magazine. Also, apparently a reader HATES the word “sensawunda.” Please leave a comment with your thoughts on “sensawunda” (or my article) at: