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CWW Mid-Point Update: A Centaur, a Dwarf and a Stepladder

So we have passed the mid-point on the Clarion West write-a-thon and here’s where I’m at:

Finished draft of Short Story 1.

Thought up, worked out and started Short Story 2.

Also wrote a non-fiction piece for Fantasy Magazine and made some really good progress on my YA novel at the same time, so bonus!

Short Story 2 is a fantasy story that was inspired by a dream in which I was describing a story — in the dream, I described a female centaur that wakes up next to a dwarf, and sees a step ladder next to the bed, and says, “Oh gods, what did I do last night?”  Suffice to say, I did not go in the obvious direction that suggested, but when I started asking why she was in that situation it did inspire a centaur story.

I’ll post an excerpt once I have one worth posting.


Augmented Reality: Now You Too Can See Like a Cyborg

Want to learn about the dangers and the potential of Augmented Reality, the hot new technology that will transform your life?  Of course you do.

So head on over to Fantasy Magazine where my latest non-fiction piece on this very topic has been published: