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Fantasy Magazine » Randym Thoughts: The Future Of Speculative Fiction Magazines

Fantasy Magazine » Randym Thoughts: The Future Of Speculative Fiction Magazines

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Fantasy Movie Music is Often Tragic not Magic

(From the Head of the Q.U. Crypto-Musicology Department)

There are so many things to mock about your average Fantasy movie. 


For some reason, movie studios have traditionally treated Fantasy films on about a level with porn (and slightly below homemade horror movies) in terms of plot, acting, dialogue, costuming, puppets, wigs, gratuitous nudity, men poking everything that moves in one way or another, and special effects (often involving dubious fluids).  There are a few notable exceptions, of course, but Fantasy movies are all too often embarrassingly bad.


But one cringe-inducing area rarely discussed is the music. 

One of the worst offenders in recent memory was Kull the Conqueror, which actually improved my opinion of Heavy Metal in comparison.

Clearly, Kull’s "luxurious" locks should be cut into a mullet.


When it comes to fantasy movies, multi-fret guitars are worse even than multi-bladed swords.
Guitar Sword and the Sorcerer

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Finding Spec Fic Magazines

(From the head of the Q.U. Marketing Team)

Trying to find print Speculative Fiction magazines outside the ethernet is quite a challenge.  They are not generally available anywhere but in major bookstore chains, and even there they are well hidden.  Consider:

Lame Magazine PlacementThis is an example of specfic magazine placement in Barnes and Nobles, tucked back in a corner by the Starbucks between three other rows of magazines.  Can you spot the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Analog, Asimov’s, or Realms of Fantasy (click on image for larger view)?  Well, they are under "Literary" mixed in with Architecture, Military History, Vietnam, and Success magazines (where else?). And that’s assuming you even think to check out the magazine racks at all.  
(Hint: Look bottom right.  No really, they are there, keep looking.).

So I decided to do a little guerilla product placement on my own.

Proper Magazine Placement Now doesn’t that look more likely to be spotted by spec fic readers who enjoy short fiction, let alone sell copies? And isn’t that what the bookstores should really want as well?  And of course, if the bookstores chose to place their products logically like this, they could do a better job of shelving and displaying them at an angle that maximizes space usage and visibility, or do so on end cap displays, etcetera.

Just sayin.