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How to Justify Spending Hours on an RPG Video Game

(From the head of the Q.U. Crypto-Gameology Department)

game review of Fallout 3 and Fable 2 is up at Fantasy Magazine.

For those like myself who feel guilty after spending time playing a game instead of on more productive pursuits or, heck, interacting with other humans, how might you justify to yourself and others the time spent playing Fallout 3 or Fable 2? 


Well, let’s look at the arguments you might make, and see if either sells you.



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Obama’s Victory Speech as Comic Universe President

As noted in the Fantasy Magazine "Fantasy Friday Blog for a Beer," Obama has been named President of the Marvel Universe.

As the (unofficial) self-appointed Spec-Fic Community Outreach Representatives for Obama, I would like to release the following (completely unauthorized) victory speech on behalf of President-elect Barack Obama:

My fellow Universians,


We stand at a historic moment in our collective Universes. 


It was long believed that this day would never come.  This is a defining moment in history, and a testament to all those who stood in line, who walked or flew or swung or teleported to the polling places, who cast aside cynicism and doubt to vote for hope, for change, for a better Universe – to all those who said "yes we can".


I would like to thank my father’s cousin T’Challa, the Black Panther, for his inspirational words a few minutes ago.  He told me backstage how disappointing it was to see so few black heroes today, 42 years after his first appearance. 


And so many of those heroes who have appeared reflect the racial stereotypes of their time.  Ghetto Man, for example. 

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